Cookery class

What better than a good cooking class in Sicily, to learn more about the island, its traditions and its history and, of course, also give you the opportunity to take home your new-found skills and enjoy with your friends. The island’s geography and history has left a fascinating culinary legacy and the combination of sunshine, fertile land and seas packed full of fish means that even the simplest of dishes invariably tastes delicious, even for the many multi-ethnic influences, which are an integral part of the history of Sicily.

During some course there will be a visit to the local market for the selection of the ingredients necessary for the preparation of a typical Sicilian menu, composed for example of eggplant caponata and swordfish rolls.

Half-day lessons will begin with a visit to the lively and evocative fish market of Mazara del Vallo, where cooking lessons are also available focusing on filleting and preparation of fish.

If you really want to impress friends and relatives on your return, do not hesitate to participate in a half-day course for the preparation of pasta or pizza, it will certainly be money well spent, and at the end of the course, you will know how to make light and crunchy pizzas and mini-mountains of ricotta-filled ravioli!

Alternatively, you can indulge in a fabulous multi-sensory experience on the farm, which will accompany you on the discovery of medicinal and ornamental herbs and will reveal the aromas and flavors of numerous local herbs. 

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