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It seems that the effects of the “Autista”, a drink with lemon juice, sparkling soda and bicarbonate, used to “degrease” and digest after a binge, are miraculous. And where could it have been invented if not in Palermo, the capital of typical Sicilian street food, or one of the best street food cultures in the world?

There are still many kiosks to drink the “Autista”, and you will really need them if you decide to take a gastronomic tour among the specialties of a region that, at the table or in the street corners, offers all the possible variations on the theme “fried and carbohydrate “.

We have selected ten, more or less known. Which is your favorite among the typical street food of Sicily?


Born in the Ragusa area, the scaccia has numerous variations, both in the dough – made of water, oil, water and yeast: very thin, it is folded several times – as in the filling: it generally contains ricotta, onion, aubergines, tomato, sausage. Also known as driven out or breaded.


Typical Sicilian street food for offal lovers. Served on the street by the stigghiularu, it consists of lamb guts (sometimes also chicken or kid) skewered on a skewer and cooked on the grill. They are eaten like this, simply seasoned with salt and lemon, still lukewarm.


It looks like a pizza but it is not. To a leavened base such as that of bread and pizza is added a tomato, onion, anchovy and oregano sauce, with optional sprinkling of caciocavallo. Needless to specify: here too there are many variations.


The major discussions around this Sicilian street food focus more on the lexical genre than on the recipe. We resolve by saying that arancina becomes arancino, and vice versa, depending on the geographical origin, and suggesting this very traditional recipe.


A case (perhaps the only one?) Of 100% vegan Sicilian street food. A sandwich – usually mafaldine covered with sesame seeds – filled with chickpea flour pancakes: very easy to prepare, as we suggest here, it can be served with crocchè, potato croquettes. Just to not miss anything.


Impossible not to know them, impossible not to love them: cannoli represent the sweet side of Sicilian street food. Although they are now found in all parts of Italy, those that are tasted (in the right places) in Sicily are of an authentic and inimitable goodness. Candied fruit, grains and chocolate are optional.


The pani cunzatu, or bread cunzato, is a recipe born of poverty, and of those who did not have the money to buy a real companion to accompany the bread. Now it is the perfect street food for the beach: bread “seasoned” with oil, fresh tomatoes, oregano, anchovies, salt and pepper. The presence of cheese and onions is optional.


One of the most famous typical Sicilian street food. The pani ca ‘meusa is prepared by stuffing the vastedda (soft bread) with spleen and lung cut into small pieces, boiled and then fried and in lard. When it is maritatu, grated caciocavallo or ricotta, lemon and pepper are added.


A mixture of chickpeas and pumpkin seeds that is prepared for the patronal feasts. The calia are the chickpeas, roasted and then salted, while the simenza are the dried pumpkin seeds, subjected to the procedure. To be eaten warm and crunchy.


A delight for the palate, the classic Sicilian fry of prawns, squid, “paranza” fish and cuttlefish, a few drops of lemon, a little salt and pepper, and pleasure is guaranteed.

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