A day as a craftsman: the Clay and the Stazzuni

A day as a Craftsman: the Clay and the Stazzùni
Visit + Clay Workshop – Powered by Evocava – Evocative Museum of the Quarries

Artisan art has always been rooted in the Mazara culture.

The visit will lead you to the discovery of a singular and extraordinary artisan workshop, where the production philosophy is in intimate synergy with the cultural commitment to enhance and rediscover the quarries, which has materialized in one of the most awarded museums in recent years.

The Rubino family opens the doors of their laboratory to us: an extraordinary and suggestive world, unknown to many but at the same time incredibly familiar, where clay and terracotta have been worked since 1900 by expert craftsmen. Together with Rosa we will discover the history of this ancient laboratory through its generations, and with Salvatore we will discover materials, spaces, tools and products of his work. The Rubino company works clay with ancient methods, becoming the custodian of an increasingly rare art, that of stazzunaru.

Spending a day as an artisan means living the experience of manual work firsthand, testing yourself and testing your creative skills, knowing in depth the particular gestures of a tradition. Here you will know the secret of clay, on the one hand raw material of an artisanal production devoted to rurality and furnishings; on the other, silent witness of centuries of history, among ancient auspicious, thunderous banquets, solemn anniversaries, sumptuous and difficult daily life.

The laboratory is set inside an ancient calcarenite quarry, which after extraction was transformed by adapting the spaces to production needs. After a tour, you will go into the clay processing with the appropriate equipment, and then end the experience with a small unique souvenir created with your own hands. With the same energy that transforms clay into the sun, you will immerse yourself in a place that emanates history, art, culture and love from every angle.

Group 10-20 p
Includes Equipment, Materials, Souvenirs
Languages ITA, ENG
Elements: Guided tour, Laboratory
4 Modules: Materials, Tools, Modes, Production
Includes: Basic equipment and Souvenir

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