Beekeeper for a day

In total safety, visit a real apiary, open a hive and study closely the bees inside their nest. Demonstration of how to recognize the queen bee, the drones and the workers; observation of the entire development of the bee from egg to adult insect and of all the products of the hive: honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and wax.

Discover the secrets of a friendly beekeeper, court the queen bee and you will be able to admire the industriousness of the bees up close. Listen to the advice that our beekeeper will give you while he opens his hives. You will be able to see how bees work up close because we will provide you with the uniform of the real beekeeper for the occasion.

After seeing the hives up close, admiring the industriousness of the bees, you will have a rich Sicilian peasant breakfast and, to top it off, you will witness the honey extraction and taste excellent honey.

Includes a jar of your choice of Slow Food Sicilian black bee honey.

You will be enchanted by the world of bees and impressed by their teamwork that only a professional beekeeper knows. All this from a privileged position: your eyes, your hands and the palate.

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