Millennial walk

Are you a curious visitor? Discover with an expert guide the most important places in the historic center and participate in a game that rewards your spirit of observation. In fifteen stages, including the Dancing Satyr Museum, we will travel centuries of history through the alleys of the “Casbah”, the main monuments and the most beautiful churches in the city.

At each stage, the accompanying person will show a photo of an element present in the space: by sharpening your gaze or changing your point of view, you will have to identify which place it belongs to and write it down in your booklet. In the end, whoever has the most points will win an author’s souvenir made by well-known local craftsmen.

The experience includes an immersion in flavors: halfway through the journey we will take a short break at a historic local pastry shop. It will be possible to end the experience with a lunch or dinner at a partner restaurant.

Stages: Piazza Mokarta, Arco dei Normanni, Villa Iolanda, Fountain of Consagra, Cathedral, Episcopal Seminary, Piazza della Repubblica, Sant’Ignazio, Jesuit College, Museum of the Satyr, Garibaldi Theater, Cuttigghiu di lu’nfernu, Church of San Bartolomeo (Mirabilia Urbis museum), Church of San Francesco and Ex-prison of San Francesco, Vicoli della Casbah.

Includes Gadget, Light Break, Souvenir + Lunch (optional)

Suitable for Over 60s, Families, Young Couples

Duration 4-6 h

Languages: ITA, ENG

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