Shepard for a day

A unique experience, intimate and in close contact with nature and local traditions, where you’ll see our sheepdogs in action, herding up a flock of sheeps around the Sicilian countryside. Once back, you will have the opportunity to visit the sheepfold and the dairy, where you will enjoy the production of the cheeses, followed by a delicious tasting, accompanied by excellent local wine and homemade bread. This is a fantastic opportunity to come back with an unforgettable experience and photos that will envy your friends and remain forever in your memory !!!

Giuseppe and Salvatore will enrich the experience with their stories and an authentic vision of daily life in this part of Sicily. You will gain a lot of knowledge about life on a Sicilian farm and about Sicily in general. Immerse yourself in a completely different lifestyle, enjoying its smells, colors and flavors.

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