The body of the "Moro"

The Body of the “Moro”

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Neighborhoods, alleys, houses and testimonies of the Casbah.

Do you know the legend of the Moor’s head?

Palermo, year 1000: a beautiful Sicilian girl knows a dark-haired girl whom she falls head over heels in love with, but then kills when she discovers that she already has a wife and children waiting for him in the East. Destroyed, the Sicilian girl beheads the dark-haired, and places her head in a pot where she plants basil, watering it every day with her own tears. From this legend the head of the dark was born, one of the best known icons of Sicilian culture.

But what happened to the Body of the “Moro”?

Entering the Casbah, we will recompose the dark exploring its four identities: four neighborhoods, four testimonies, four cultures, four senses. A research through which we will discover the Casbah as a container of numerous cultures, legends and life stories. From Piazza della Repubblica we will cross the historic alleys in four stages, telling each neighborhood through the testimony of those who live it.

Stories of, work, love, rebirth, integration. We will taste a good mint tea with toasted pine nuts, we will listen to the call of Muezzin, we will enter a typical Tunisian shop and the meeting places of the Maghreb community. At the end of the path, each participant will be able to compose the body of the Moro with elements collected at each stage to form their own souvenir.

Includes 4 Sense Points (Alley, House, Market, Muezzìn) + Souvenir
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