The sea from Capo to Capo

The sea from Capo to Capo
Bike Excursion + Landscape Photography Workshop
Capo Feto Reserve, Tonnarella, Lungomare, Quarara, Torretta Granitola

5 places | 12 h | 30 km

To get to know Mazara well you have to travel its margins, a heritage rich in biodiversity among natural reserves, rivers, and an uncontaminated sea that generates work, legends and extraordinary landscapes.

We will discover by bike 20 km of wet, sandy, rocky, natural and anthropized coast, through a path that connects Capo Feto -hot migratory spot and largest wetland in western Sicily- and Capo Granitola, a small fishing settlement where the Saracens landed in the far 824 for the conquest of Sicily. Between these two ends a city was born that based its economy, culture and identity in its relationship with the sea. From the fishing port to the now submerged rock mines, the landscape tells the evolution of the city through its most fascinating traces.

The visit lasts about 12 hours, from morning to evening.

After getting equipped, from Piazza della Repubblica we will reach Capo Feto (about 5 km) together with an expert guide. Here we will discover the history of this nature reserve, and then swim in its transparent waters in the company of more friendly fish than usual. Going back, we will travel about 3 km of sandy coast along Tonnarella, a seaside resort frequented by the Mazaresi. Based on Lido La Playa, we will have the opportunity to have lunch with an excellent tasting of fresh local fish. After lunch, passing through the historic center and then from the fishing port, we will walk along the promenade (3 km) and then Quarara, a rocky coast full of wonderful coves, secret hollows and breathtaking backdrops (15km). We will reach Capo Granitola where, in the shadow of an ancient Saracen tower, among prickly pears overlooking the sea and monumental zabbare, we will enjoy an aperitif at the Approdo dei Saraceni, the historic bathhouse of Torretta. We will then return to Mazara while the sun, setting, will disappear into a vulcanized sea. Will you be able to continue the experience with a dinner at one of our partner restaurants: binge eating mussels, fresh fish or wine tasting.

If you love to move, discover new landscapes and make new friends, this is the experience for you. A small landscape photography laboratory is included within the package, which will help you immortalize everything you see, based on your device. Along the way, we will stop at some strategic points to capture the best moments of the day.
Between water, rock, sand, nature and animals, the experience will make you see the magic of Mazara with new eyes, a city where the territory is simultaneously a place and a landscape.

Includes: Equipment, Transport, Breakfast, Lunch, Aperitif, Photography Workshop
Group 10-20 p
Languages: ITA, ENG
Hours: 8-20

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