Horse riding

What better possibility to discover the nature and the Sicilian paths, if not to be riding a beautiful horse, take the time to calmly enjoy the beauty and typicality of this land. Daily stress vanishes when you are in contact with a horse and leave space for relationship, beauty, peace and all that nature can offer.

Equestrian tourism gives emotions that are not expected, giving access to a wonderful world, in close contact with nature and yourself.

The walks can be carried out in different contexts, from rural paths, to the archaeological park of Selinunte, with unforgettable experiences.

In some periods of the year, it is possible to walk on the beach, or choose a guided tour of historic centers or places of worship; at night in the moonlight, in nature reserves, or with a visit to the archaeological excavations … in short, you are spoiled for choice for this fantastic experience.

All enriched, if desired, by delicious tastings, based on typical local products and the inevitable quality wine.

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