Trekking on Etna

Without too many doubts, an excursion on Etna is one of the most incredible nature experiences in all of Sicily. The highest active volcano in Europe stands with its 3300 meters high on the Sicilian landscape. A nest that accompanies the journey of those who venture into the eastern part of the island, between the sea and the Sicilian hinterland.

But above all an attraction that has become synonymous with adventure. Trips to Etna are organized all year round. Including the winter period, when slopes and craters are filled with snow, and, next to the skiers, hikers can be seen snowshoeing on the volcano.

If you too have decided to put boots on and challenge ‘u’ mungibeddu ‘, follow some of our practical tips to better organize your excursion.

What to see on Etna

How we are fascinated by the idea of ?€??€?challenging the imposing volcano. But, in practice, what awaits us in our trip on Etna? Let’s start from the fact that there are several companies that organize tours on the volcano, and each of them offers various solutions and itineraries. First, you will have to decide how long you want to spend on Etna.

Tours are usually half day or full day. During the mid-season, when the weather is not too hot or too cold, you can safely opt for the whole day. At the Etna Park, with its 60 thousand hectares of extension, there is no shortage of alternatives to entertain its guests.

Whether you choose one or the other option, you will need to know which are the key points not to be missed during your excursion.

One can only start from the top craters. Three are those included on virtually every tour. The central crater, which includes those known as Voragine and Bocca Nuova, the north east crater and the south east crater. With a walk that reaches over two thousand meters, you can take a look at these panoramas.

The Valle del Bove is another of the events not to be missed in your excursion on Etna. It is a deep valley, surrounded by walls that reach up to 1000 meters, and extended up to seven kilometers.

Generally, tours on Etna have a cost that varies between 50 and 100 euros. However, prices and quotes depend on many factors. Like the age of the participant (there are usually discounted tickets for children under 12 years), the type of tour chosen, for which the duration of the excursion, the possibility or not of having particular equipment, the seasonality chosen. There are also special packages for groups and groups, which allow you to slightly reduce the cost of the excursion.

Now you have a general picture of what awaits you on Etna. You just have to leave for Sicily and face the wild slopes of this legendary volcano.

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