The city of Taormina

The sea is a dark blue, framed on the panoramic terraces by the purples and reds of the bougainvillea in bloom and the green of the prickly pears. To see it this way you understand why Taormina is called the “pearl of the Ionian”.

The enchanting nature of Sicily has done its duty, enriched by history and architecture. The Ancient Theater remains a symbol and continues to attract thousands of visitors in every season, which in summer explode thanks to the nearby beaches.

Over the years Taormina has become an inevitable destination of the jet set, here actors, singers, intellectuals, stars of every sector land from the yachts, take a walk along Corso Umberto I and enjoy the typical atmosphere of the place.

The enchanting position overlooking the sea, the surrounding beauties, Etna in the background, the vast cultural and archaeological heritage have made it a muse for poets and writers, for illustrious travelers. The most famous eighteenth-century tourist, Goethe, recounts it in his “Journey to Italy” as a strip of paradise on earth, while the French Guy de Maupassant admits that in the village “there is everything that seems created on earth to seduce the eyes , the mind and the imagination “.

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